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Clairvoyant is basically a French word. It is made up of two words, clair and voyant, which together mean seeing clearly. Now this ‘seeing clearly’ is not the same thing that we experience with our physical eyes.

Psychics are blessed with an inner eye called third eye, so called because we already have two visible eyes on our face. This third eye is the inner ‘organ’ that the psychics use for acts of clairvoyance.

Incidentally, the word ‘clairvoyant’ is also used not only for the clairvoyant power but also for any psychic who has the power of clairvoyance. This is a kind of convenience usage.

While ‘seeing clearly’ is by and large used to denote the process of seeing with physical eyes, it is used to signify another, more important, kind of ‘seeing’ in the world of psychics.

It is like the expression we often use: Oh, I see! It means I see more than what is visible with physical eyes. I understand the hidden, inner implications of the physical sight.

And indeed, what we see so often with our physical eyes is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, which is huge and unfathomable treasure trove of revealing information. And going by the metaphor, it is the experts only who can dive deep to explore the iceberg.

This precisely is the job clairvoyant psychics perform in the world of human affairs. They are experts who can dive deep into the unfathomable human psyche.

Originally a Greek word, psyche is a cumulative expression of what we variously describe as   heart, mind, spirit, soul, thoughts, feelings, emotions and sentiments—all kinds of mental and spiritual states that the human sensibilities are capable of.

The word clairvoyant needs to be explained further in context of its implications in the world of psychics.

What marks out the clairvoyant psychics from the common experts is that they are blessed with certain metaphysical powers that are not normally available to the so-called experts.

Although clairvoyant faculty can be better understood if it is related to third eye, it is also a comprehensive expression for a number of other amazing psychic powers such as sixth sense, hunch, intuition, telepathy, distant seeing etc.

 All these are basically spiritual powers. Although they may appear to overlap each other, they work simultaneously in tandem with each other to arrive at what we call: I see!

The power of clairvoyant psychics can thus enable them to see through the barriers of time and space. Clairvoyant vision may scan through the past, present and future of an event, situation or a person. It is an omniscient power.

The miraculous scope and power of clairvoyant vision can baffle all those people who are generally not accustomed to see anything beyond their normal physical vision or the so-called common sense.

The power of clairvoyant psychics works in very subtle and inscrutable ways. Not all the information needed for psychic clairvoyance involves mental ‘seeing’ as such. Certain things need to be sensed, understood at a different plane and grasped.

Clairvoyance takes the form of clairsentience in such cases. All events, situations and human beings release energy vibrations, good, evil or of varying shades in between, depending upon their nature.

Clairvoyant psychics catch those energy vibrations and use them to analyze the problematic situations and arrive at their solutions.

Incidentally, people generally ask how the psychics can make predictions about the clients positioned across the continents. The answer to this is that they catch the energy vibrations released by the clients and correlate them with their questions.

With the advent of video facilities, the psychics can also read the visual and facial expressions and also the over-all body language of the clients. This kind of reading augments their clairvoyant powers.

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