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Email Psychic Readings


Email Psychic Readings offer great flexibility and freedom both to you and the psychic. You can write an email any time you like and receive the Psychic's Insight right in your Inbox.

There is a great advantage of seeking psychic counsel through a Psychi Email Reading. Besides saving money on telephone bills, you can frame your questions quite carefully. Your communication on telephone may be snapped abruptly. You may forget what has been spoken to you since there may not be any written record.

Email Readings offer great flexibility and you can ask any question on any problem that is nagging you. It may concern your career, education, health, litigation or business. It may be about your personal relationship with your spouse or a lover.  

We have a range of Email Readings available. Please select the type of Email Readings that suits your needs.


Psychic Tarot Email Reading

Psychic email tarot readings save you the trouble of visiting a psychic personally. Tarot cards are powerful metaphysical tools that allow us to transcend a higher plane and see a solution to our problems. Read more about Psychic Tarot Email Readings.

Love and General Email Reading

If you are trying to find true love and have not succeeded so far, it is time you try the services of our Love Psychics. Our Love Psychics can use various tools such as tarot card reading, astrology, numerology etc to direct you on the true path of love. Read more about Love Email Reading.

Photo Email Reading

Photo readings are a great way to receive information about relationships, partners, family members, work colleagues, friends or anyone else who affects your energy fields. Read more about Photo Email Readings.

Astrology Email Reading

Astrologers and psychics study the position of the various planetary bodies at the time of a person’s birth. The defining characteristics of each of these planets affect the life of the individuals and contain the blueprint of their destiny. Read more about Astrology Email Readings.

Numerology Email Reading

Numerology can reveal the whole picture, or fill the gaps of your personality – it is a mirror in which you can see your true self in all your glory and your strengths hitherto unknown to you. The numbers reveal it all. Consult our psychics for email numerology readings and see what the numbers have in store for you. Read more about Numerology Email Reading

Mediumship Email Reading

If you are having trouble with your career, finding your relationships hitting a new low, or seeing your career go downhill, you can have a Mediumship Email Reading with our expert Psychics and Mediums. Indeed, Email mediumship services allow greater flexibility not only to you but also to the psychics for they can study your query when they are in the right frame of mind. You can also store these email mediumship readings for further reference. Read more about Mediumship Email Reading

Palm Email Reading

Our psychics can do a complete hand analysis to evaluate your future and personal characteristics. You do not have to visit them for palm reading. Simply scan your hand and send the file to our psychics through email and they will provide you the palm reading report within a specified period of time. You can make the payment for email palm reading services by credit card through our website. Read more about Palm Email Reading

Purchase a Palm Email Reading today and add a whole new meaning to your life!

Psychic Profiling Report

Psychic profiling is one such tool used by the psychics. Psychic profiling consists of analysing the various characteristics possessed by the people to get a better understanding of their personality traits. It gives an insight into what the people are, whom they are involved with, their thoughts and their feelings. Read more about Psychic Profiling Report

Psychics use various tools and channels such as tarot card reading, numerology, astrology, mediumship etc to read the past and present and predict the future for a complete Psychic Profiling Report.

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