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Photo Email Readings

Photo readings are a great way to receive information about relationships, partners, family members, work colleagues, friends or anyone else who affects your energy fields.

If you don’t have the time to visit the psychics personally, you can also email your photo to them and they will get back with their interpretations and answers within the specified period of time.

To have a personalised Photo Email Reading with one of our Gifted Live Psychics please send the following details to admin@accesspositive.com.au:

There are many ways by which psychics conduct readings and one of them is photo reading. As the name suggests, the psychic studies your photo to answer your questions or predict what the future has in store for you.

So how do the psychics do photo psychic readings? For this, it is first important to understand that psychics are people who are able to channelize their spiritual energies and transcend the borders of time, space and the five senses to look into the past, present and future of the individuals who seek their services. In other words, they are able to tap into what mystics have called the ‘sixth sense’ or the ‘third eye’ to present a metaphysical solution to the problem in question. 

Now for photo readings, the psychics will channelize their spiritual and metaphysical powers into the energy field or aura of your image, interpret the vibrations and structure, the breaks in the energy movements etc., and receive visions of your past, present and future. To sum up, the image and the surrounding aura or energy fields are, in a way, your DNA that define your life and the psychics are the people who are able to interpret the signals and suggest alterations if required.

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