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Psychic Tarot Readings

Tarot is one of the important tools that psychics use to counsel their clients and predict the future. Tarot cards contain certain esoteric images and symbols that can provide a multitude of interpretations.

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The question arises why a single card generates innumerable psychic readings or interpretations and how each reading can become unique and specific to the client and his problem.

The answer to this is that each client subject has a unique nature and personality. He radiates a singular energy that is a product of his nature and its response to the problem-situation.

Then the pictures and symbols on the card also emit certain vibrations, feelings and emotions related to the client’s nature and his problems. There is something about the pictures and the symbols that enable each client to connect himself and his situation with them.

Let us take the example of Fool card. The card shows the picture of a young Fool who carries a staff in one hand. A bundle of his worldly possessions dangles at one end of the staff. A dog is following his heels. The fool stands on the verge of a precipice. It is difficult to imagine a picture that is more perfect in its universal appeal and connectivity. The Fool represents the dilemma of every person. He symbolizes the life journey of every human being.

“A growth,” as Henry Miller expressed, “is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience”. The same sentiments are expressed by T. S Eliot: "Our beginning of a journey is often its end and our end is our beginning, a point where we start from."

The views of these two eminent thinkers represent the universal dilemma of human life and no pictorial depiction can explain it better than the Fool card.

The psychic or the tarot reader picks up these energy vibrations, correlates and interprets them through his readings. These readings describe the mental state of the client subject, the nature of the problem and how it can be best resolved.

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