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Instructions for Reading Tarot Cards

An important step in reading the tarot cards is to create proper spreads. Tarot spread, in simple language, is the way you layout the cards. There are several ways the cards can be spread out on the table to prepare for the reading.

Each tarot spread has its own configuration, or lay out.

Some spreads are quite simple and they require just three cards. There are others that are much more complicated. Whatever way you lay them out there are certain general instructions, which should be followed every time you make a reading.

Then there is the seven-card spread. This spread is similar to the three-card spread. The layout looks at the past and the present situation. The reader predicts the future on the basis of his interpretation of the past as well as the present.  The seven-card spread allows the reader to consider the issues in greater depth due to the number of extra cards used.

Besides this there are lovers spreads, daily lessons spreads, wish spread, horoscope spread and so on.  You become more and more innovative as you gain more experience and evolve your own instinct and insight.

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