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Palmistry Diagram of Hand

The little finger has the mount of Mercury below it. This mount indicates that the supalmistry bject is highly communicative especially in matters of sex. If the tip of the little finger approximates the last joint of the Apollo finger, the person can influence his friends and colleagues through his powers of communication.

The mount of Mercury makes a person very independent. He loves to remain busy with his work. He is also caring and compassionate with the sick and the wounded people. He possesses a great love for learning.

Another important mount located on the lower end of the side of the hand away from the thumb area is the mount of Moon or Luna. This mount makes a person very imaginative and intelligent. He remains restless and loves to travel and going in search of adventures.

Sometimes this area extends to the wrist. In this case, the person loves to live close to the water. He may, for example, like to build his house in front of beaches. People with this mount in prominence are very emotional and intuitive. They can be good psychics and healers. They love poetry, music, popular songs and literature.

The mount of Neptune is situated at the bottom of the hand near the wrist. A high Neptune mount indicates that the person is fond of medical studies especially the pregnancy and reproductive issues.

This mount tells much about the early life of its subject especially the psychological influences that made him what he is now. It also shows his early sexual experiences and his efforts to build relationships with the opposite sex.

Such people love to share their knowledge with others and benefit from their knowledge resources as well.

The mount of Mars can be divided into three parts. The thumb side is called the lower Mars. The plain Mars resides in the central area and the upper Mars is in the percussion side.

A person with prominent Mars has martial and sportsmanship qualities. He can be a dynamo of power and a great fighter.  He loves to command and lead large business organizations.

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