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Genuine psychics are endowed with extraordinary powers or abilities that enable them to study the nature and personality of their clients and foretell their future.  Their powers include intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, telekinesis and many more.

Most psychics ‘read’ the nature and the future of the clients by using their intuition.

Intuition is a natural, spontaneous response that is evoked the moment a psychic looks at the faces of the clients, hears their voices or sees the aura surrounding their head or body.

With their intuitive ability, the psychics can also catch the energy vibrations emanating from the clients even if they happen to be communicating online from a distant location. The nature of the energy vibrations helps the psychics to understand the clients’ problem and divine their future.

The powers that the psychics have may seem strange and almost supernatural. They defy normal explanation or verification at human level. However, once you realize that there is a metaphysical world, which is difficult to perceive with the five senses, it would become easy to understand that there our some powers that lie dormant in the humans and once these are evoked, they can act as a bridge with the immortal world.

Psychics, therefore, possess what we call supernatural powers or they are able to communicate with the divine energy which is called the sixth sense and in some cases, the third eye.

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When a psychic receives assistance from the divine resources, he/she acts as a medium or a channel. In other words, it is the divine powers that manifest through the medium of the psychic. Strangely enough, the whole process of seeking divine guidance takes place so naturally, spontaneously and concurrently that ordinary people can not perceive it. To the normal eye, it may seem that the psychic/medium is speaking and behaving like a normal human being. The truth, however, is that he/she is acting as a medium for the divine powers.

This point is illustrated by the way psychics like John Edward and Sylvia Browne answer the questions of the members from the audiences at their television or other public programs. When a member from the audience asks a question about the dear departed person from their family, the psychic (John Edward, in this case) connects himself with the spirit of that person and delivers his message to the survivor/questioner.

The truth is that the psychics can connect with the spirit of the dead person either directly or through their own guiding spirits and get their response. The information delivered by the psychic mediums thus serves three important objectives.

First, there are people who want to know about their departed loved ones and how they feel now that they have given up their bodies. Second, it establishes the truth about the existence of the life after death. Third and most important, the information brings about a positive change in the life of the survivors.

In some cases, the queries raised by the clients or the problems faced by them are so complicated that the psychics have to resort to different process of mediumship, which involves going into trance. The psychic lies down on a couch or a bed and goes into a sleep like state in which he/she is, as it were, ‘transported’ to another world, a world of spirits. Again, the process of trance is too ‘psychic’ or too occult and complicated to be explained in rational language. It is little wonder then ordinary people have difficulty in believing what can not be experienced through the five senses.

This process of mediumship was practiced and popularized by the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce who earned the epithet of Sleeping Prophet. Edgar Cayce helped thousands of people suffering mainly from complicated health problems which were declared hopeless by the established medical experts and surgeons. While in trance, he would come out with surprisingly simple solutions or remedies that would cure the complicated ailments.  Above all, he did not charge anything for his readings.

Even if you are in a different country or time zone you can still contact our psychic mediums and seek psychic readings through live telephone chat or through email.

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